Sunshine Coast based Holistic Counsellor – Dawn Sellers

Holistic counselling is an umbrella term to describe a range of holistic therapies used in conjunction with sound counselling practices.

These therapies are combined in various combinations depending what’s called upon at the time.

Your own faiths or beliefs are respected, and called upon as reinforcements as part of the therapy.

Therapies used In Holistic Counselling

Body Based therapy uses the body as a key into discovering the underlying truth behind our issues.  The body is in fact a map of our emotions, and by bypassing the mind, the intelligence of the body can be invoked. This is a self discovery method, and doesn’t involve any touching of your body by anyone but you.

Artistic Therapies are gentle expressive processes, using pastel, clay, or watercolour.  No artistic ability is required, just a willingness to express a feeling using an artistic medium.

Sandplay brings you into the world of symbols. It’s a gentle but powerful modality.

You might think that Sandplay is for children.  While it’s true, it is also a powerful medium for adults. Difficult stories can be told with a level of detachment, using symbols and a sandtray.

The use of symbols connects us with a deeper part of our psyche or soul, and great wisdom can be imparted from symbols.


Australian Bush Flower Essences are gentle but powerful essences developed by Ian White, an Australian naturopath. These essences work on all the layers of the human body at a vibrational level.  They hold the inherit healing qualities of Australian flowers, which flourish in this ancient  land under the harshest of conditions, giving them an incredible vitality.

Bush Flower Essences may be offered as a reinforcement in a session.

Purely ABFE consultations are available or essences are available by request.

Reiki is the healing art of the laying on of hands.  It was rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui when studying the sacred Sutres in the 1800’s.

The word reiki means Universal Life Energy, Rei describes the universal, boundless aspect of the energy, and Ki is the life force energy which flows in every living thing.  It also means light.

Universal Life Energy is transferred in a reiki session through the hands of the practitioner.

Reiki sessions can restore a sense of balance.

Reiki sessions are offered in half hour sessions.  Reiki can also be used in a holistic counselling session.

Japanese Character for 'reiki'

Qualifications – Therapies

nationally accredited qualifications completed at Sophia College of Counselling (Brisbane Campus), Diploma 2005, Advanced Diploma 2009.
completed at Sophia College of Counselling (Brisbane Campus), 2011
ABFE College Modules, Maleny, 2012